We're Busy! Here are our main focuses:


Paula and Randall Carr have been in the business of helping wild horses and burros find good homes in the East since 1979. Paula is president of the Board of Trustees for the National Mustang Heritage Foundation, and both Carrs are very active in their Farm Bureau.

The Carr's work with the United States Fish & Wildlife Service's Sheldon-Hart National Wildlife Refuge, to place the beautiful Sheldon wild horses into new homes. These are highly prized animals among wild horses, and highly sought after here in the Eastern States.

In December of 2006, The Carr's were awarded a 3 -Year renewable contract with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to do "satellite" weekend adoption work throughout the Eastern States. They take a crew of 5 wranglers and set up panels, chutes, water buckets, etc., for the horses.  They sort, halter, handle and place newly adopted animals in the adopter's trailer.  The Carrs say with pride that they feed and water the animals with only the best quality hay and continuous clean water while at the site. 

Randall also is hired to haul animals to and from sites with the semi truck and special trailer approved by BLM - This work is done only in the Eastern States areas.

We also have a two year memorandum of understanding with the National Park Service for hauling and adopting their extra burros here at the Center.

The Carrs were inducted into the National Wild Horse & Burro Hall of Fame in 2005, an award they feel very honored to have received.