US Fish & Wildlife Service Horses from the Sheldon Preserve

Photos from the October, 2004 gather, courtesy of Lesley Neuman

2010 Sheldon Horses are on their way!

Stay tuned - we'll post pictures as soon as we get them!




We are working with a wonderful new Project Leader, Paul Steblein, at the Sheldon-Hart Mountain National Wildlife Refuge Complex

We look forward to receiving horses and burros when they gather again this year. The public in the East love these animals and we will tell you as soon as we know the arrival dates!




1. You must have ways and means to care for a Wild animal:

  • Good Hay
  • Continuous Clean Water Daily
  • A wood or pipe corral with an attached shelter .(Bring pictures and sizes)
  • Winter Barriers (windbreaks)


2. You must fill out an application which we must approve

3. TRAILER: an open stock trailer is best. A 3-horse slantload, with the partitions removed, is fine. No Two Horse Trailers for horses (burros okay)

4. You must contact the Adoption Center at least three times a year (at 3 month, 6month, & 12 month intervals) Send pictures and info how your doing with your new horse. If you have problems or questions, don't hesitate to contact us before that time period as well. We want each adoption to succeed!

5. HALTER & Lead Rope. If you want your horse to be haltered before you take him or her home, bring only a good strong nylon web halter with rope attached (no shipping halters)

If you are interested, call or email for details and current prices and availability!