Paula Carr, President of the Board of Directors for the Mustang Heritage Foundation, has announced for 2010 Extreme Mustang Makeover Schedule of Events:


Mustang Magic   January 22-23   Ft. Worth Livestock Show and Rodeo/Ft. Worth, TX

Road to The Horse     March 5-7      Murfreesboro, TN       

Northwest Extreme Mustang Makeover    March 19-21 Northwest Horse Fair and Expo/Albany, OR; Applications Posted – Sept 1st    Applications Due – Nov 1st       Pick up – Dec 4-5 / Burns, OR

Superior Auction    April 24      Apps Posted – Dec. 10th         Apps Due – March 15th    

Norco Extreme Mustang Trail Challenge     May 14-16 Norco, CA
         Apps Posted – Oct 1st               Apps Due – Jan 1st     Pick up – Feb. 12-13th

Extreme Team Mustang Makeover   June 11-13     Colorado State University/Ft. Collins, CO   Apps Posted – Nov 15th     Apps Due – Feb 1st     Pick up – March -5-6th / Canyon City Prison or  March 5th / Paul’s Valley, OK 

Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover  August 13-14     John Justin Arena/Ft. Worth, TX 

Extreme Mustang Makeover    September 17-19  Lancaster Events Center/Lincoln, NE   Apps Posted – Nov 15th   Apps Due – Apr 15th     Pick up – June 11-13th / Elm Creek, NE 

Extreme Mustang Makeover  October 22-24 Tennessee Miller Coliseum/Murfreesboro, TN   Apps Posted – Nov 15th    Apps Due – May 15th    Pick up – July 9-10th / OK, IL, 

Applications are ready and available online at:
under the TRAINING menu option.

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The First Extreme Mustang Makeover, September 21-23, 2007:

This poor photographer was stuck up on the third floor balcony, but somewhere down there Paula Carr is delivering the opening speech for the Extreme Mustang Makeover festivities at the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Ft. Worth, Texas, on Friday night, September 21, 2007.

Press Release
September 28 , 2007


Mustang Heritage Foundation President Paula Carr, of Cross Plains, Tennessee, spoke to approximately 650 visitors at the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame on the evening of September 21, 2007. The big media event was covered by National Geographic, Newsweek, Discovery, and RFD-TV and many more TV stations in the USA.

Ms. Carr opened the fun filled weekend for 100 Wranglers with 100 Wild Horses trained only 100 days to compete in the first ever Extreme Mustang Makeover.

The competition began on Saturday, September 22 at the Will Rogers Equestrian Center in Fort Worth Texas. Ribbons and prize money were awarded the top trainers with the best trained horses.

Sunday , September 23, the trained animals were put up for adoption to the public. A 3 year old horse named Hail Yeah was adopted by the town of Norco California for $ 50,000.00 .

Many horses were purchased back by their trainers, a testimony to the strong bond developed between the mustangs and their trainers, many of whom had worked with domestic horses their entire lives but had never been near a wild horse before taking on this challenge.

Emotions ran high with the crowd of 1200 people and trainers. Average cost per horse was $3,200. The Bureau of Land Management said this was the best thing that has come down the pike for the horses since the beginning of the adoption program in 1977.

Randall Carr , a trustee of the Foundation, also attended and worked with the trainers and highly well known judges throughout the event in Texas.

Road To The Horse winner Chris Cox surprised the packed arena to assist the trainers and help with the final judging .

The Carrs state that the Foundation will be working on doing another Extreme Mustang Makeover with BLM in the East in the coming year.

Finalists wait for the beginning of the Freestyle Competition. In the foreground is Kitty Lauman (finished #2) riding with her two children, Tanner and Josie)

Trainer Ray Ariss and Mustang "Hail Yeah!" demonstrate the style and elegance that brought a sale price of $50,000! Hail Yeah will continue his training with Ray Ariss and will serve as the official mascot for the City of Norco, "Horse Town USA)

Roeliffe Annon from New Mexico

Abel Garcia presented a unique opening ceremony, pulling a flags-and-cowgirl-laden sled with his Mustang.

Friday practice



Paula Carr (center in light cowgirl hat) presents the $10,000 check to the Extreme Mustang Makeover winner, Guy Woods

Finalist Dwight Bilyk talks with reporters and Mustang Heritage Foundation Board members.

Introducing the trainers at the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame

Guy Woods (finished #1) jumps his horse over a barrier in the Freestyle competition

Holly Davis (Finalist) takes an enthusiastic ride around the arena with Old Glory

Evija Aunina from Wyoming (and Latvia) was one of only two English riders, and she placed 4th overall!

EMM trainer Joseph Misner's two daughters opened the Friday Night Media Bash with a wonderful vocal presentation


Robin Secrist,  "The Chainsaw Guy" shows his gentler side