2009 - Paula Carr with Laura Bush, at Laura's Induction into Cowgirl Hall of Fame, Fort Worth, TX


Robertson County Farm Bureau elects Paula to another term as Chairperson

Paula has been Chair of the Robertson County Farm Bureau since 2004 and was re-elected to another 2-year term in 2007.

Paula is #1 in the State!

In 2006, Paula won the highest award, "Top Five Farm Bureau Women" out of 91 Counties participating. But in 2007, she outdid herself by becoming #1! TOP FARM BUREAU AWARD FOR THE STATE OF TENNESSEE.. beating out some extremely talented and accomplished women in 91 other counties

Paula states that her most rewarding work through the Farm Bureau is teaching urban and suburban children about farm life, bringing the farm to urban children, and teaching children "where their food comes from" as well as exposing them to the beauty and joy of nature and farm life. The Farm Bureau's overall mission is to bring educational, social, and spiritual opportunities to rural people, and to develop a wholesome, healthful and abundant country life.

Paula Carr, President of the Board of Directors
for Mustang Heritage Foundation

Paula Carr (center with light hat and russet jacket) presents Guy Woods
with the $10,000 top prize for winning the Mustang Heritage Foundation's First Annual
Extreme Mustang Makeover.

Paula is President of the Mustang Heritage Foundation's Board of Directors. Under her helm, the MHF produced the incredibly successful "Extreme Mustang Makeover" competition for summer of 207: 100 wild Nevada Mustangs, 100 Trainers, 100 Days, $25,000 in prizes. Click here for more.

For 2008, the Mustang Heritage Foundation has expanded its Extreme Mustang Makeover to 200 trainer-horse pairs (double from last year) plus several smaller regional competitions: The Midwest Mustang Challenge in Wisconsin, the Western States Mustang Challenge in Sacramento, CA, the Wyoming Mustang Challenge, and two yearling competitions, one in Nevada and one in Texas.

Carrs Inducted into 2005 Western States Wild Horse and Burro Expo Hall of Fame

Paula and Randall Carr of Cross Plains, Tennessee were inducted into the 2005 Western States Wild Horse and Burro Hall of Fame.  The induction ceremony was held in Reno, Nevada on August 22, 2005, at the Western States Wild Horse and Burro Expo.  The Carrs join the Hall of Fame with other dignitaries such as “Wild Horse Annie” Velma Johnston, Dawn Lappin, Richard Sewing, Ron Hall, and Dr. Jay F. Kirkpatrick.  

The Carrs have built and designed adoption centers in Muleshoe, TX, London, OH and in Cross Plains, Tennessee.  Through their efforts, approximately 18,000 Wild Horses and Burros have been adopted to good homes. 

In the last 26 years, Paula Carr has participated in 998 BLM Adopt-A-Horse programs and handled approximately half-million dollars in adoption fees for the BLM. In 1993, Paula and an employee set a record of 256 animals adopted with all the paperwork completed on ALL the animals, and 167 of them loaded in one day. 

Through the years, Paula’s duties have included, but are not limited to: record keeping, bookkeeping, helped design and build the permanent and temporary facilities to Dept of Interior BLM specifications, haltered and fed animals, processed adoption applications, managed and administered veterinarian care.  She designed the original three part selection form used by the BLM and the chart-on-the-pen system for detailing age, color and number of animals to potential adopters. She has also led tour groups and school groups of all ages, demonstrating taming concepts and hands-on care techniques. In her spare time, she has also lectured and spoken to civic groups and potential adopters and has given media interviews along with BLM officials on the adoption program.     

Randall Carr was the first to do an adoption in the East with horses.  Paula and Randall are pioneers to this program, and gave the name SATELLITE to their operation. This name has become the standard name for all adoptions that are not at a Center location through out the United States.

They have invented many safety measures and standard ways of  handling a Wild Horse or Burro that continues to be used by all horse locations today. 

Randall, like his wife has taken on whatever job needs to get done.  He has haltered and fed animals, processed adoption applications, managed wranglers, managed veterinarian care and promoted the BLM Adopt-A-Horse program to potential adopters at three facilities and approximately 590 satellite operations for over 55,000 horses and burros over the past 26 years.  

The lead-up system and the halter chute that is more humane and provides faster and easer loading and haltering of wild equine that private handlers and BLM employees use was designed by Randall.   

When called upon, usually with little to no notice, Randall created a temporary housing facility for sick animals, and later built an equine sick bay hospital at an adoption center.  He was also called upon to transport horses and burros from satellite locations to other locations and/or horse centers when a crisis situation arose.  He assisted in setting up rescue operations for abused or escaped equine with BLM agents.    

The Wild Horse and Burro Hall of Fame honors individual people, wild horses, and burros who have made a significant long-term contribution to the well-being of wild horses and burros on the range and to the promotion of successful adoptions of wild horses and burros who have been removed from our public lands.   

The Western States Wild Horse and Burro Expo promotes the successful adoption of wild horses and burros who have been gathered from public lands, provides a Showcase for successful owners, trainers, and adopters of formerly wild Mustangs and Burros, and provides a venue for people who love wild horses and burros to come together for fun, education, entertainment, and friendly competition. 

For additional information on the Western States Wild Horse and Burro Expo Hall of Fame, please visit www.wildhorseandburroexpo.com.

The Carr's have been honored with many more awards and recognition from a variety of agencies. Here, they receive an Award of Recognition from the Bureau of Land Management