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Cross Plains, Tennessee









The Mustang Heritage Foundation's "Extreme Mustang Makeover!"

Showcasing the talent & trainability
of Mustangs.


Paula's 27-year-old Mustang & friends, artist's rendition

Come Meet the Mustang! At our farm, presented by the Mustang Heritage Foundation, in conjunction with the Robertson County Farm Bureau's Farm Days

Carr Ranch Wild Horse & Burro Adoption Center

Randall & Paula Carr's Wild Horse & Burro Adoption Center is one of Robertson County, Tennessee's oldest and best known tourist attractions, drawing visitors and potential adopters from almost every state in the union for more than two decades.

"We've been in the business of finding good homes for horses and burros for a long time, and we want to find high quality adopters for all our animals," says Paula Carr. "A good, loving home with the means to feed and care for each animal is our goal."

  • Providing today's urban schoolchildren a chance to Learn about Country Living & Rural Ways

  • Promoting good homes for wild horses with the Mustang Heritage Foundation

  • Promoting & Preserving Our Rural Heritage

  • Sheldon Horses & Burros for Adoption

  • Helping Wild Horses & Burros Find Good Homes
    (Click to read "The Wild Horse & Burro Contractor Who Does it Right!")

  • Serving the Rural Community Through Education and Social Events

Paula and Randall Carr

Carr's facilities have processed over 20,000 animals since 1979 ? not only adopting but holding, sorting, vetting, hoof trimming, and medical attention.

This has been the site for many Government meetings, many well known horse trainer?s shows, a Wild Horse and Burro Days celebration event held every year for 15 years, and a Horse show competition with high money and trophy awards. 

Many horses and burros have been trained for the general public. 

The facility includes a "Horsepital" for recovery for sick or hurt animals. 

Carr's Wild Horse & Burro Center is located with easy access to Interstate highways, for easy semi-truck turnarounds and off loading. 

In December of 2006, and again in January of 2010, Carr?s Wild Horse Center received the Satellite adoption contract for three years.  We have won this contract every three years since 1980. 

Randall and Paula take a semi with panels and trucks with gooseneck trailers full of water buckets, hay, tolls, and haltering chutes to a designated place and set up for horses and burros arriving to be adopted out for the weekend.

Carrs Inducted to WHB Hall of Fame

In 2005, the Carr's were inducted into the Wild Horse & Burro Hall of Fame: Paula says, "This was the most exciting award we have ever won.  We feel very honored to have receive it." 

On December 6, 2006, Paula was nominated as President of the Mustang Heritage Foundation Trustees , where she has remained President for the past 4 years. For 2010 she is is Board Member of National Adoption Day Events

See www.mustangheritagefoundation.org for more. The Mustang Heritage Foundation is a 501c3 public, charitable, non profit organizati0on dedicated to facilitating successful adopting excess mustangs and burros.

Carr Ranch Wild Horse & Burro Facility    

4844 Couts Carr Rd
Cross Plains, TN 37049
Tel: 615-654-2180

Randall and Paula Carr

Proud Members of the Tennessee
Agritourism Association!

Paula is in Top 5 Again!

Paula was elected Robertson County Bureau Chairman for two years 2004 ? 2006.  She won their highest award, "Top 5 Farm Bureau Women" out of 91 other counties. In 2008 she was again in the Top Five  and 2009 she was in the Top Ten Farm.

Paula has been elected Chair of Farm Bureau Ladies 3 times

Paula graduated Leadership Middle Tennessee Class of 2009

In 2007, she was named #1 Farm Bureau Woman in the entire state! That yeas, she was also Re-elected Chair of Farm Bureau Women for two more years 2007 ? 2009 

The purpose of this Committee is to assist in an active, organized way in carrying forward women, namely, better educational, social, and spiritual opportunities for rural people, and the development of a more wholesome, healthful, and abundant country life.